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Helpful resources

Recording Tools:

Screencast-o-matic - free or $15/year Example
Webcam (some record desktop)
Recording from IWB (most have this feature built into the notebook)
iPad apps to record your screen

Virtual Collaboration Spaces/Tools:

how it works Math example see my page
  • School content or learning management system (CMS or LMS) - Moodle, Haiku, etc.
  • Google Apps for Education (Google Docs, Sites, email, etc.)
Sample Collection form

Cool Tools for Schools

Virtual Blooms Wiki

Video and Media Sources:

Interactive Resources

Study tools & Flashcards:


Premade Sites for Gamebased Learning
Games for Change
Educational Games - from NobelPrize.org
60 Educational Game Sites You've Probably Never Seen
102 Free Edugames to Spice Up Your Course
Stop Disasters
Free Rice
Free Flour