Concept - visualizing text
Could be done in most content areas in many grade levels. Great in pairs or individually.
  1. Start with a text. Could be poetry, a story, a piece of expository text, etc.
  2. Highlight for key info. Could be looking for a specific part of speech, imagery, key events... This works best if you can visualize appropriate images.
  3. Write your text screens. Each can have 2 lines - 22 characters on top line, 30 on the bottom.
  4. Search for images and download into a folder.
  5. Log into Animoto.
    1. Choose "style".
    2. Upload images - keep in mind that large uploads will take time, especially if a whole class is doing it.
    3. Choose music.
    4. Add text.
    5. Produce video. You'll get an email when it's ready.

Let's try it...
Open in a new tab: The Road Not Taken
Look for images and download them to a folder on your desktop.
Create an account: Animoto for Education
Follow steps above.

For future use:
Setting up student accounts
Can have up to 50 student accounts tied to your educator account.
Will need to set up a Gmail address to make it work w/kids under 13; kids over 13 can use their own email and self-register.